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Can you make LED signs that comply with the zoning regulations for our church's location?

If you are allowed to have an LED sign, we can meet other requirements. We can manufacture signs to fit within size restrictions, both as to total square feet of signage and as to height. We also can incorporate timers that control usage. 

Our target audience drives by our church. How do we calculate the length of time readers will have to catch our message?

Time how long your prospective sign location is fully visible when you drive past it. If you also jot down the distance you travel during that time, we can help you design LED signage to reach your audience. 

What is LED lighting?

"LED" stands for light-emitting diode. Each diode has two terminals, an anode and a cathode, enclosed in a microchip that is made of semiconductor materials. The movement of electrons in the semiconductors creates light.

Why are LED lights better than other types of lighting?

LED lights do not get as hot as other lights, and they do not burn out. Also, they use less electricity.


How many lights will our church's LED sign require?

We can figure that out for you. For LED signs, lights are counted in pixels. Each pixel contains either a single light or a cluster. To determine the total number of pixels needed, we look at the pixel matrix as well as the resolution or pitch. 

Here are more details regarding matrix and pitch:

Pixel Matrix

A pixel matrix is the total number of pixels needed to fill the entire display area. The easiest way to determine the matrix is to count rows of pixels, both horizontally and vertically. For example, a display area that contains 20 vertical rows and 36 horizontal rows will have a pixel matrix of 720. 

Pixel Pitch

The distance from the center of one LED pixel to the center of the next one is known as "pitch." Similar to the resolution in digital photographs, the resolution of an LED sign is determined by how closely the LED pixels are placed. Tighter spacing produces higher resolution. 

If the sign does not contain detailed graphics and will be viewed from a distance that is between 450 and 1,000 feet, standard resolution is sufficient.

What difference does pixel pitch make with regard to costs?

Church LED signs that have a tight pixel pitch cost more to manufacture and to operate than LED signs with wider spacing between pixels. 

What color choices are available?

You can choose between a color display or a monochrome display. Within those two choices, you have several options. 

Here is a closer look at definitions of the basic choices and the options within each: 

Monochrome LED Display

LEDs in a monochrome display are all one color, usually red or amber. There are more than 4,000 shades of these two colors, and you choose the shade you want.

Color LED Display

Full-color displays use tiny blue, red and green LED lights, also called "lamps," that all are contained in one pixel. Because close-spaced colors blend together when viewed, combining individual clusters and turning them on and off in different patterns creates thousands of possible color choices. 

Monochrome costs less than full color and works well to display simple messages in text. Full-color church LED signs allow the display of an endless combination of video images, text and graphics. 

What can be displayed on a church LED sign?

LED signs can be programmed to display anything you choose. For some types of LED signs, both graphics and wording are changeable at will. In addition, your display can be made to blink on and off or to scroll across the screen. The flexibility offered by such signs allows your church to reach out to your community by spreading words of encouragement, announcing upcoming events and service times, and welcoming passersby into your membership.


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