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LED Church signs are an effective and versatile communication tool that can help churches create a strong visual presence, increase attendance, promote events, and inspire worship amongst church members. LED Electronic Moving Message Series of digital church signs offer the most cost-effective form of outreach available. Our church LED signs are made to last while providing clear and impactful messaging for your church. With our LED signs, you can easily communicate God’s Word, upcoming events, and more in a visually appealing way that will draw attention from the community.

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Our video tutorial focused on LED church sign projects is a must-watch for understanding the variables you should be considering for your project.

Find more information and a dictionary of our industry terms at our LED Education center, click here.

Both simple signs and dynamic, high-tech digital church signs have the same basic aim: serve the marketing needs of a church. They can help make in-roads to your community and serve as a relationship-building tool.

Other benefits of outdoor digital church signs:

  • Easily share updates with congregation and community
  • Highlight upcoming events
  • Support congregation members in unique and creative ways
  • Enhance worship experience
  • Increase membership and attendance


Church of the Magdalen Case Study


In the Summer of 2019, Church of the Magdalen made the decision to up its marketing game with a new digital sign. Their location is beautifully positioned along east 21st N. as part of Wichita’s growing northeast corridor, and they knew they needed a unique and noticeable way to spread their message of faith and harmony to the greater Wichita area.

Working with local sign dealer, Wichita Sign Company, and Project Content we crafted a sign that enabled Magdalen to execute more effective content strategies.

“We knew we needed a content strategy that was built around an ability to inform, provide variety and stand-out in our community. Our decision to invest in digital signage was a big part of how we would market ourselves…” said Father Jirak, Pastor and Parish Staff member at Magdalen.

“We’ve seen a huge increase around how informed both our congregation and community are around what is going on at Magdalen. The sign gets noticed and we’re regularly complimented about the creativity of our messaging.”


Church Signs can come in many forms, materials, styles, and applications.

Popular Examples are:

  • Digital Church Signs – Highly dynamic displays that catch the eye and allow for easy management and flexible messaging.
  • Changeable Letter Church Signs – Traditional and effective at providing short text messaging to the church’s community
  • Light Box Church Signs – Provide an effective form of church identification
  • Outdoor LED Church Signs – Catch the eye of passing traffic outside your church
  • Indoor LED Church Signs – Increase the worship experience with dynamic production value
  • Monument Church Signs – Provide identification in a very traditional setting
  • Pylon Church Signs – Provide height for a powerful and dynamic message with a strong presence
  • Masonry Style Church Signs – Provide a long lasting message of stability and tradition.

Each situation is unique, so it is important to stay unbiased and know all the options at your disposal. At Guthman Signs, we perform regular factory inspections, field studies, and client surveys to stay on top of the ever-changing sign market so that we can pass this knowledge on to our clients, and ensure we have the LED church signs for sale that meet your church’s needs.


We will learn about you and your organization to better understand how the sign can serve your church.

We provide an unbiased and detailed report with an up-to-date code check so you know what signage allowed for your address. These reports are performed by an independent legal service and include contact details of the permitting official assigned to your region where information was obtained.

We will produce a preliminary design for you based on your needs and preferences and how they apply to the code check. This includes multiple options from our group of 15 active manufacturing partners.

We will review the preliminary design and quotes with you to gather your initial thoughts on design, budget, and scope to be sure we are on the right track for your unique needs.

Using your feedback, we will make changes as necessary and the best options to fit your needs. We then follow up with you to review the project together in case more fine-tuning is needed. Then we take your goals to the factories and make them compete for your business.

Once we have a clear design and factory option that matches your needs, we will help you design and quote a custom, locally-sourced service plan through our National Service Network of over 9,000 licensed and vetted sign service professionals in your area.

Project Management

We provide full project management services including site plans, sealed engineering drawings sealed by a licensed engineer for your state and even legal documentation services to be sure your project moves as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Whether it’s color, size, material, illumination, setting, architecture elements, or your own inspired design ideas, customization is our forte. And with modern printing capabilities, it is possible to accomplish photo quality designs at any scale.

Modern manufacturing methods and materials also allow customized shapes and textures — and they’re more affordable than ever. Plus, powder coating and high grade paints make any color accessible in a lasting durable application of your preference.

LED digital display technology for churches is also more accessible than ever, making high-definition, full-color electronic church sign displays work for churches in new and innovative ways that can be customized to meet a myriad of unique needs.

Our digital church signs are also built ready to be integrated with Havrion Connect. Havrion Connect allows you to set up your sign’s display settings for an emergency. You can customize your settings so that the outdoor church sign will display evacuation directions, instructions, and more.


If you are allowed to have an LED sign, we can meet other requirements. We can manufacture signs to fit within size restrictions, both as to total square feet of signage and as to height. We also can incorporate timers that control usage.

Time how long your prospective sign location is fully visible when you drive past it. If you also jot down the distance you travel during that time, we can help you design LED signage to reach your audience.

“LED” stands for light-emitting diode. Each diode has two terminals, an anode and a cathode, enclosed in a microchip that is made of semiconductor materials. The movement of electrons in the semiconductors creates light.

LED lights do not get as hot as other lights, and they do not burn out. Also, they use less electricity.

We can figure that out for you. For LED signs, lights are counted in pixels. Each pixel contains either a single light or a cluster. To determine the total number of pixels needed, we look at the pixel matrix as well as the resolution or pitch.

Here are more details regarding matrix and pitch:

Pixel Matrix
A pixel matrix is the total number of pixels needed to fill the entire display area. The easiest way to determine the matrix is to count rows of pixels, both horizontally and vertically. For example, a display area that contains 20 vertical rows and 36 horizontal rows will have a pixel matrix of 720.

Pixel Pitch
The distance from the center of one LED pixel to the center of the next one is known as “pitch.” Similar to the resolution in digital photographs, the resolution of an LED sign is determined by how closely the LED pixels are placed. Tighter spacing produces higher resolution.

If the sign does not contain detailed graphics and will be viewed from a distance that is between 450 and 1,000 feet, standard resolution is sufficient.

Church LED signs that have a tight pixel pitch cost more to manufacture and to operate than LED signs with wider spacing between pixels.

You can choose between a color display or a monochrome display. Within those two choices, you have several options.

Here is a closer look at definitions of the basic choices and the options within each:

Monochrome LED Display
LEDs in a monochrome display are all one color, usually red or amber. There are more than 4,000 shades of these two colors, and you choose the shade you want.

Color LED Display
Full-color displays use tiny blue, red and green LED lights, also called “lamps,” that all are contained in one pixel. Because close-spaced colors blend together when viewed, combining individual clusters and turning them on and off in different patterns creates thousands of possible color choices.

Monochrome costs less than full color and works well to display simple messages in text. Full-color church LED signs allow the display of an endless combination of video images, text and graphics.

LED signs can be programmed to display anything you choose. For some types of LED signs, both graphics and wording are changeable at will. In addition, your display can be made to blink on and off or to scroll across the screen. The flexibility offered by such signs allows your church to reach out to your community by spreading words of encouragement, announcing upcoming events and service times, and welcoming passersby into your membership.


– Longevity is extremely important. How long do you want your sign to last?
– Text vs Video is a big one too. Do you want to just get some simple messages out there, or are you looking to engage people with video and animations to?
– Budget and Service. It’s important to determine a budget range that is comfortable for your church.

– Companies come in so many different sizes and specialties it’s pretty hard to learn about them all on your own.
– An unbiased Sign Specialist is often necessary to help you understand the options as they apply to your circumstance.
– Make companies compete for your business.

– The definition is measured in pixel pitch. Pixel pitch is measured in millimeters. Examples are 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, and 26mm
– Pixel pitch is the measurement from the center of one pixel, to the center of the pixel next to it.
– The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the definition.
– If the sign is closer in distance to your audience, a higher definition makes sense while keeping the sign to a smaller size.
– When the audience is further away you will need a larger size sign, but perhaps not as high definition since the audience is farther away.

Before deciding on a direction for installation and service, ask:

– Do you want to be hands on?
– Or, do you want a full turnkey solution?

There are many options out there if you know where and how to look.

If you’d like to save money and do it yourself:

– Do you have electrical on site already and is it sufficient?
– Do you have volunteers available?
– If so, a self-installation might be the way to go and there are manufacturers who specialize in ease of installation. Your Sign Specialist can help you explore those options.

Turn Key Installation:

– How do you look for the right service provider/installer?
– We say, make them compete for your business. Our sign specialists do it every day.
– It saves you money and it makes contractors happy because they know they are dealing with professionals.

While negotiating remember your expectations:

– Longevity
– Text vs. Video
– Budget and Service
– Refer to your Sign Specialist to get the most for your money


Warranties – Installation – Service

Local vs Guthman Signs

Other companies will provide a one-sided warranty based one or two products requiring you to trust in the future ability of that company to stand behind you on their own. We double down on such promises and require our warranties to be backed by the factory and service provider as well.

Peace of mind comes from clear understandings. We provide you with a clear understanding of the warranty provided, installation, permit acquisition, and any future service agreements prior to making your decision so you can rest assured you have exactly what you choose to have, nothing more and certainly nothing less.

Warranties: Guthman Signs offers factory sponsored warranties. This means you have not only our promise but that of the factory you purchase from. Choose based on an expectation of longevity, and service needs.

Installation: Our installation service provider network is the largest network in the United States at over 9,000 active partners. Each company is consistently vetted and licensed by independent inspections and state licensing standards. We provide a competitive framework for installers to bid on your project allowing you to benefit from the most economical options available in your area.

Service: Many of our active partners are offering labor warranties of different lengths of coverage, each with unique inclusions and exclusions that can be difficult to see or understand. Your Sign Specialist can help you navigate these waters. Make sure your expectations are being met by the company you choose by taking advantage of the unbiased knowledge your Sign Specialist can provide.


FCC Compliance and Independent Testing

The United States Federal Communications Commission has paid more attention to the LED sign industry in recent years. Some manufacturers, under specific and somewhat unusual circumstances, had LED displays installed that caused interference in certain communication bandwidths that caused the FCC to take notice. Since this began most factories have been forced to become FCC complaint by providing products that do not interfere with the bandwidths in question.

Although FCC compliance can be an indicator of quality, it should not be seen as a stand-alone variable. If more information on this issue is desired, it is best to consult the FCC website directly. Their 2018 release statement on the issue can be found here.

The independent testing organizations in this arena are Underwriter Laboratories (UL), Intertek (ETL), and Eurofins (MET). Perhaps the most famous of these, UL has created a large following due to its longevity and breadth in the market of independent safety testing.

These testing labs’ certifications and listings are paid for by the factories, and not all certifications and/or listings are made equal. These should be seen as a quality indicator, but not the end-all-be-all of quality assurance. Beware of marketing tactics where products are touted as UL compliant, or made with UL compliant components.

Certain components may well be compliant with laboratory standards, but the entire sign may not be totally compliant. Look for the UL Listed mark, ETL mark, or MET mark or other and ask if the entire unit is listed compliant for safety and quality standards. You may ask your Sign Specialist for more info or check yourself directly with each lab’s database of listed products just to be sure.

A good practice is to request these claims be put in writing, as many make sales claims that are not demonstrable after the purchase. Your Sign Specialist can help you sift through the details on these issues as well to find the right product for your standards and expectations on laboratory testing and compliance.

To learn more about how to discern quality and safety standards, check out our blog post on the subject here: Safety and Quality Blog


Let us help you make a well-informed purchase. Contact Guthman, your digital experts, for the best LED signboards in the industry.