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As a leader in the LED sign industry, Guthman Signs is proud to offer top-of-the-line signage solutions for schools.

Our LED signs are designed to be energy efficient, easy to program, and low maintenance, while still providing high-impact visibility.

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With our signs, you can communicate with every student and parent regardless of income, ensuring that important messages are seen and heard.

Our electronic signs for schools help you stand out and capture the attention of everyone who passes by. We provide quality outdoor electronic LED signs as well as changeable letter, light box, and monument signs that have been trusted by schools since 1968. Our school signs are customizable and changeable so that you can keep your message up-to-date at all times.

At Guthman Signs, we understand the importance of safety in educational institutions. That’s why our LED school signs are designed to be highly visible day or night, allowing you to broadcast your school’s news and events to the surrounding community. With our digital signage solutions, you can rest assured that everyone has seen your sign and is aware of dates and locations — making sure that students get the support they need from their families and friends!


Your school is unique, so is your school’s LED sign project.

  • You get unbiased access to information and pricing from 15 different specialized factories.
  • You get access to the largest network of sign installers and service providers nationwide.
  • The expertise of a company that has completed over 1,000 unique projects like yours from coast to coast and everywhere in between.
  • K-post-graduate educational organizations are all within our specialty.

Whether you’re interested in general messaging, strengthening the fabric of your community through high-resolution images and live video, or simply updating the look for your school’s signage, we provide the digital school sign solution that will fit your needs at the price point you determine.


Schools often use a myriad of different sign styles to engage their communities, and parents and communities across the nation are getting creative with their signs. Each sign is completely different and helps dynamically connect unique communities. It is important to know the types of signs to establish the best option for your community.

Popular Examples are:

  • Outdoor LED School Signs – Can be used for anything from simple text messages to high definition, full-color animations. Elementary, Middle, Secondary, and Post-secondary schools all implement electronic signs for schools with LED displays specific to their community’s needs.
  • Changeable Letter School Signs – Schools where LED displays are not permissible often focus on changeable letter signs as a way to reach their communities and keep them engaged in school activities. Letter signs can often be used to provide a long term economical fix where dynamic LED marquee signs for messaging are not the school’s focus.
  • Light Box School Signs – Also known as Identification signs or cabinet signs, these can be used to be sure the community identifies the campus clearly. These are often internally illuminated. LED school sign illumination should be used as fluorescent bulbs are a higher expense when electronic consumption and frequent replacements are taken into consideration. Polycarbonate is a cost-effective upgrade to the traditional acrylic due to durability, and full digital prints allow for highly detailed graphics.
  • Indoor LED School Signs – LED Walls are now becoming extremely popular due to newer technology that allows for more attainable price points. Schools are engaging with their student body in visually demanding ways thanks to these flexible displays and the content capabilities that come with them. However, longevity and ease of use should be considered when establishing expectations. Definitions can range from 6mm to 0.2mm. These LED signs are also built so that you can customize what’s displayed in specific emergencies such as evacuation directions.
  • Monument School Signs – Also known as masonry style signs, these outdoor signs for schools are devoted to preserving a traditional appeal specific to some communities and their aesthetic. The materials used are durable and highly flexible, allowing for integrated signs with highly variable textures and architectural elements. LED displays, cabinet signs, and changeable letter displays have all been integrated with these designs to provide a traditional look with modern capabilities.
  • Scoreboards – Athletic departments nationwide are implementing LED digital school sign displays and scoreboards in ways that were once thought unattainable for schools. Modern scoreboard technology and software solutions allow for very economical scoreboards to also be used as dynamic and engaging fundraising tools for schools.

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We understand that digital signs for schools are an investment in your school and your community at large. By engaging in dynamic communication that excites your community, students and parents grow closer, friendships are formed, event attendance rises, and fundraising efforts are more effective. Finding the best possible design, factory, and service provider for your sign will set your school up for success. Digital school signs are such an important investment, so multiple options should always be considered in an unbiased manner.


Kapaun Mt. Carmel High School Case Study


The amount of activity that flows through your average high school these days is beyond impressive. The onset of technology, social media and other norms presents endless opportunities to inform and market what’s going on. Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School found technology playing a crucial role in how it keeps students, parents, and the community informed. In order to supplement their strategy to better notify the community about important announcements, they decided to invest in a new LED sign.

“Our old sign was too one-dimensional”, says Julie Valliere, Kapaun’s marketing and communications manager. “We have tons of events, social media posts, student and staff recognition, plus more.”

With the capabilities of their new sign, combined with Project Content’s quality content, Kapaun is able to more easily grab the attention of the community, which allows for more students, parents, staff, and the community at large to see and remember important events and announcements. 


We are digital signage experts. Let us help you make a well-informed purchase for your next LED sign board.


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  • Enhance classroom presentations with animated images and high-quality video.
  • Broadcast information to staff, students and the rest of the community. This eliminates the time and money spent on printing and photocopying posters.
  • Student union focus – announce schedule changes via digital school signs.
  • Use full-color LEDs to exhibit videos of school achievements.
  • On-screen recognition is possible to recognize high-achievers and providing others with an incentive to work harder.
  • Attract more community members to get involved in school activities.
  • Public notifications of events have been proven to attract larger crowds.
  • Calendar displays help students get to where they have to be.
  • Messages related to weather conditions can be relayed faster.
  • Will heighten safety within the campus.
  • Multi-lingual messages can be displayed.
  • Outdoor school signs will grab the attention of newcomers on the street.
  • Digital menu boards can be installed in cafeterias to display nutrition facts as a goal to promote healthy eating.
  • Promote your school on a whole new level.
  • Use empowering messages to motivate your students to accomplish more.


According to households in all 50 states, here are the top 9 Reasons why school signs are difficult to read (University of Cincinnati, 2014)

  • The letters are too small (83.3%)
  • The placement of the school sign makes it hard to see (71.4%)
  • The sign is not sufficiently lit at night (63.6%)
  • The color of the letters does not stand out from the background (60.3%)
  • Digital school signs change the message too fast (52.6%)
  • The letters use a fancy font (47.8%)
  • The letters are spaced too closely together (35.6%) School sign looks very similar to others nearby (34.4%) There are distracting visuals on the school sign (31.7%)

All these considerations can andd should be addressed in an unbiased way while planning your school’s sign project. Your Sign Specialist can help!


Schools make the world a better place by educating students — but they also inspire them to be the best they can be by engaging with their friends, families, and communities to make a difference. School signs help communities come together. Your unbiased Sign Specialist can provide you with all the guidance and tools you need to take advantage of these benefits. Bring your community together under your school logo and colors!


It depends on which sign you have. Some brands of LED signs allow you to use an app on your phone to change the text on the sign. Some boards require manual hook up in order to change the text.

Know which type of LED sign you want for your school before making your purchase.

New Hirings

When a position opens up at the school, the school shouldn’t have to pay for advertising. Combined with social media, an LED sign is enough to adequately advertise a new opening. You won’t have to pay the newspaper their advertising fee if you have an LED sign for school.

Community Outreach

Local events can be advertised on the school LED sign at well. Whether it be a festival, a parade, or an entertainment act, the event can be advertised at the school. The school could even earn some extra revenue, charging interested parties a fee for the advertising.


Holiday wishes and clever holiday themed messages can be posted on the school LED board. Nothing is more festive than doing something unique for the holidays. Let pedestrians know that school is enjoying the holiday season by writing a witty message.

It depends on which sign you have. Some brands of LED signs allow you to use an app on your phone to change the text on the sign. Some boards require manual hook up in order to change the text.

Know which type of LED sign you want for your school before making your purchase.

Viewing angle is the precise position where the text on the LED sign will be visible for as long as possible. This is important because you want the reader to be able to instantly recognize each letter as early as possible. Put lots of thought in the position of your LED sign before you place it in the ground.

Most LED signs will display the date accurately; however, not all of them have a function to allow a different message for each day of the week. At least not without manually changing the text. Many modern day signs will allow many messages to be programmed ahead of time, allowing low maintenance. This is typically the type of board you will want.

For a school, lots of factors should be taken into consideration before purchasing your LED sign. You could just buy the biggest one you can afford, but there is no reason to spend more than you need. If you are in a rural area, with your school away from the road, you may want to purchase the biggest sign possible. This is because cars passing by will likely be driving in a high speed zone area, meaning they have less time to read the text. If your school is close to the road, resulting in a reduced speed limit, you can purchase a smaller, cheaper sign.

In total these are the primary points of consideration when it comes to LED signs for school:

Viewing Angle
Ease of Access
No matter which sign you go with, your school will look more professional and more prestigious. You will automatically have an edge over schools that lack an LED sign. They are too useful to not have, and you won’t want to have to go without ever again once you have one.

No such thing! The truth is that every project needs to be tailored to your specific needs. This will be based on many variables, such as traffic speed and distance.

Again, there’s no such thing! An LED sign with low definition can look great if it is far from the audience, and a high definition sign can look great at a close distance. Finding the best value of size and definition for your specific situation is a very important step in choosing an LED sign.

Usually, yes, but color options can often be very close in price, depending on the size, and factory selected. All options should be considered in an unbiased way to enable your school to find the best possible solution.

Yes and no. LED signs can be very expensive, but there are competitive options out there ad pitting factories against one another helps to lower pricing as well.

Being a National Sign Company, we have a network of over 9,000 fully vetted local service providers and installation experts available to our clients. There are many levels of service that can be provided. Most factories where signs are built are not local to most organizations.

Installation can be managed by our national network, or your sign can be designed for self-installation with guidance by factory trained technicians to save money. We can be as hands-on, or hands-off as your school requires.

Locally sourced installation and service contracts allow our schools to benefit from high volume pricing and the best service available.

Yes. We provide full design services free of charge. Each project includes logo and sign design. High resolution logos are provided as well, allowing the school to produce their logo, colors, and designs at any scale for fundraising events and other marketing initiatives.


Let us help you make a well-informed purchase. Contact Guthman, your digital experts, for the best LED signboards in the industry.