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Whether you’re interested in general messaging, strengthening the fabric of your community through high resolution images and live video, or simply updating the look for your school’s signage, we provide the solution that will fit your needs at the price point you determine.

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What Can I use my School LED sign for?

New Hirings 

When a position opens up at the school, the school shouldn't have to pay for advertising. Combined with social media, an LED sign is enough to adequately advertise a new opening. You won't have to pay the newspaper their advertising fee if you have an LED sign for school.

Community Outreach 

Local events can be advertised on the school LED sign at well. Whether it be a festival, a parade, or an entertainment act, the event can be advertised at the school. The school could even earn some extra revenue, charging interested parties a fee for the advertising.


Holiday wishes and clever holiday themed messages can be posted on the school LED board. Nothing is more festive than doing something unique for the holidays. Let pedestrians know that school is enjoying the holiday season by writing a witty message.

How do I Operate my Sign?

It depends on which sign you have. Some brands of LED signs allow you to use an app on your phone to change the text on the sign. Some boards require manual hook up in order to change the text.

Know which type of LED sign you want for your school before making your purchase.

What is Viewing Angle?

Viewing angle is the precise position where the text on the LED sign will be visible for as long as possible. This is important because you want the reader to be able to instantly recognize each letter as early as possible. Put lots of thought in the position of your LED sign before you place it in the ground.

What Should I look for in an LED sign?

Most LED signs will display the date accurately; however, not all of them have a function to allow a different message for each day of the week. At least not without manually changing the text. Many modern day signs will allow many messages to be programmed ahead of time, allowing low maintenance. This is typically the type of board you will want.

What Size Should I Get?

For a school, lots of factors should be taken into consideration before purchasing your LED sign. You could just buy the biggest one you can afford, but there is no reason to spend more than you need. If you are in a rural area, with your school away from the road, you may want to purchase the biggest sign possible. This is because cars passing by will likely be driving in a high speed zone area, meaning they have less time to read the text. If your school is close to the road, resulting in a reduced speed limit, you can purchase a smaller, cheaper sign.

In total these are the primary points of consideration when it comes to LED signs for school:

Viewing Angle
Ease of Access

No matter which sign you go with, your school will look more professional and more prestigious. You will automatically have an edge over schools that lack an LED sign. They are too useful to not have, and you won't want to have to go without ever again once you have one.