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Municipalities need to serve their communities through consistent and effective messaging. Different communities often have vastly different needs. We focus on YOUR community’s needs and make sure all the options are available. It’s simple. There is no such thing as too many options, only wrong options. We make the search for the right options easy and understandable.

Your community has tasked you with finding a solution for your sign needs. What now? You need unbiased information on the options that are out there. You need to know how to get the project done in the most cost effective and time efficient way possible. You need to provide multiple options and make them compete for your business.

You are in the right place. Guthman Signs provides access to over 15 of our active partnerships with sign manufacturers of many different specialties, and over 9,000 consistently vetted service and installation providers, nationwide. We are a full service solution providing consultation and project management solutions that are included for free with any sign. Our partners have successfully designed, built, and installed signs for thousands of community organizations nationwide.

Your Community. Your Sign.

Dynamic marketing tools come on so many forms, styles and designs. We’ve worked with municipalities, city and county complexes, fire departments, park services, and community organizations in all 50 states.

Your service and installation are covered by local providers in your area that we vet for safety and quality workmanship standards as part of our professional network. We make sure they have the right qualifications, experience, and licenses — so you can rest assured the project will provide economic benefit without the worry of working with an unknown service company.

Our engineers will also work with your vision to be sure the sign is designed to meet local code while coordinating with your installer to be sure the project is managed seamlessly.

How Do Municipal Signs Improve Communities?

Safety – Amber Alerts, FEMA integrations (PAWS system) and general notices can all be an important part of getting the word out about safety or emergency concerns in your community.
Involvement – Your community drives by you every day. You have a captive audience waiting. Signs are THE best method for getting the message out there about your events and traditions specific to your community.
Fundraisers – When compared to the cost of traditional marketing with Flyers, TV and/or Radio, the cost per impression of effective signs is significantly lower and ROI over the span of multiple years can be a game changer. “60% of Businesses reported average sales increases of 10% or more by adding or updating their signs.” – Economic Value of Signage (Signage Research Foundation, 2018)
Voting turnout – Simply put, voters will be more involved and can stay up to date with community reminders of what’s going on when effective signage is reporting to them as they commute to work, school, events etc.
Image is important – Communities with effective signage communicate their identity and values through the first and sometimes only impression on passers by. Signs are the front line of your community’s image. Your community is unique. Your sign should be as unique as you are.

For more general information and statistics on on the economic impact of signage in communities, please refer to this guide on the Economic Value of Signage

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Reach Your Community Like Never Before

Our clients are focused on establishing a strong sign outreach program unique to their community’s needs and identity. Improving community involvement, fundraising efforts, and safety communications all make signage the best possible investment for community outreach and engagement.

In a digital world, many traditional approaches to signage are no longer effective.

Studies show that something as simple as having an illuminated sign vs. non-illuminated sign “Helps business to attract customers, reinforces advertising as part of integrated marketing communications, brands the location, enhances image, and helps communicate the location clearly” (Taylor, C., 2015) – Villanova School of Business

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