LED Business Signs in Arizona

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Guthman Signs is the leader in custom on-site LED business signs in Arizona and across the US. Choose Guthman for your outdoor lighted business sign needs. We also provide custom LED business signs for Arizona churches, schools, and municipalities. Our Arizona sign specialists has served multiple organizations seeking to find the best possible outdoor light up signs for their needs. We view LED business signs as marketing tools that are powerful if not essential to the health and growth of any organization.

Getting LED Signs for Business in Arizona

We’ll walk with you through self-installation or provide turn-key custom LED business sign installation in Arizona for you. We help you find the best LED sign options for your Arizona business whether you’re in Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, Mesa, or other Arizona locations. Call us and we can help you every step of the way, (941) 218-0023.

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Types of LED or Outdoor Signs in Arizona

At Guthman Signs, we are happy to offer different types of LED business signs to fit your Arizona organization’s specific needs. Our goal is your satisfaction; we want you to understand all your options before making that final decision. Arizona’s LED signs are a significant investment. We understand that you want to get the most from your money. Consider the types of outdoor lighted business signs we can obtain for you and the different purposes they can fulfill.

LED Business Signs in Arizona

Business LED Signs

You can target larger audiences with a custom LED business sign in Arizona. Your company gets the exposure it needs when you use outdoor lighted business signs. Reach potential customers as they drive by with a memorable LED sign for your business. Outdoor light-up signs are efficient and effective marketing tools.

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Church Signs in Arizona

LED Church Signs by Guthman Signs

Arizona churches can use outdoor lighted business signs to help congregations grow, announce events, and boost fundraising for outreach. LED business signs offer versatility; you can change the message on the sign any time you want to, whether that’s several times a week or even a few times a day. Whether it’s the schedule of services or upcoming events people should be aware of, outdoor light-up business signs help the community feel included and involved. Plus, an LED sign spreads the word about meetings held in your building and welcomes all to public events.

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School Signs in Arizona

LED School Signs - Guthman Signs

Arizona schools are busy places! Announcing conferences, schedule changes, or parent-teacher meetings, outdoor lighted business signs ensure everyone who needs to know is in the loop. Having a LED sign that displays those updates and information will help you reach the audience you are trying to inform. Placing your sign in a central location where it is visible to those as they enter/leave the school will catch the attention of students.

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City Code Requirements for Signs in Arizona

Here is a great resource that we have found rather helpful for quickly checking the requirements for signs in any city in Arizona.

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The Stats & Facts About Arizona: Why Choose An LED Sign in Arizona

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Arizona is home to over 7.3 million people. And these numbers are steadily increasing by at least 2.5% with each year. With a non-stop growing population, the opportunities that are available are endless. And the fact that Arizona is home to some of the major wonders of the world, not to mention comfortable climates, has made it become a very inviting destination. Going hand in hand with the different nature aspects of it, lawmakers have also made it a goal to help design Arizona to be just as inviting in the business world as well. Amongst the tax credits, lower tax rates, and even the minimal number of regulations, Arizona does its best to allow businesses to do what they do best; create jobs and contribute to the overall well-being of the community. Having such a steady growing population also contributes to the amount of traffic that is experienced throughout the state, street, and pedestrian wise as well. Taking full advantage of this, you will see that businesses are capitalizing on the amount of traffic there is outside and are choosing to market their businesses with LED signs. The amount of people a sign can reach is endless. Whether they are just driving by and the illuminated sign catches their attention or are walking and notice the sign on foot as it changes from one slide to the next, advertisement and information are able to be spread effortlessly with it. When it comes to trying to reach as many people as you can, you want to go the most effective way. And between the foot traffic and the number of vehicles that are constantly on the road driving by, with the help of an LED sign, thousands can be reached.


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What Are the Most Popular Signs in Arizona?

Business Signs are a great choice in the Grand Canyon state!

Let’s take a closer look at the great state of Arizona. Signs can be used for so many different things. But when you really get down to business and see just what people are using the most, you will see in the data chart below that business signs are definitely what people are looking for. Coming in second are LED signs, then followed by church signs in third, with outdoor LED signs, and school LED signs in fourth and fifth place respectively.

Trending Types of Signs in Arizona - Guthman Signs

Also, note “LED signs” has recently been trending up and has really set itself apart from the rest of the pack. In 2020 and beyond it looks like LED Signs are the way to go!

Sign Data by City: Looking at Phoenix, AZ

Here is another look at how much of an impression signs have in Arizona. Specifically looking at the capital, Phoenix, you can see from the chart below that business signs makeup almost half of all the signs out there leading with 44%. Then the next most used sign goes to LED signs with 37%, followed by church signs at 19%.

LED Signs in Phoenix, Arizona - Guthman Signs


Methodology – How We Came Up with the Sign Data in Arizona

We used Google Trends to review current web search trends in the state of Arizona over the past 12 months. We entered the most well-known types of signs for Churches, Schools, and Businesses in the U.S. to come up with our list of five signs. We compared LED Signs, Church Signs, Business Signs, School LED Signs, and Outdoor LED Signs.


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