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Project Spotlights

Large Wall Mount LED

Pixel Pitch: 19mm
Pixel Matrix: 48X120
LED Size: 3’5” X 8’6”
Buckeye Trail High School
Lore City, OH

Single Pole Match Plate

Pixel Pitch 12mm
Pixel Matrix: 72X168
LED Size: 3’5” X 7’3”
Berea Baptist Church
Rockville, VA

Wedge Mount LED

Pixel Pitch: 10mm
Pixel Matrix: 168 x 264
LED Size: 5′-7″ x 8′-8″
Believer’s Church
Warren, OH

Signs in the Field

Freestanding Road Signs

Sign on Brick Structure

Large-Scale Signs

Single or Double Pole Signs

Wall Mount Sign

Masonry Style and Creative Designs

Traditional Style Signs

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Warranty Options:

Parts Warranty: The industry standard is the 5 year parts warranty. These usually include an in-factory labor component. This means that if any part fails or has a defect, the manufacturer is legally bound to replace the part or repair it at their own expense.

These usually don’t cover vandalism or acts of God such as natural disasters although many will tell you that they do.

Labor Warranty: The sign industry has only recently begun to embrace the idea of labor warranties with more attention. The duration of these can vary between 2-10 years. There are two main types of labor warranties in the sign industry currently; underwritten, and proprietary.

Underwritten labor warranties are backed by what amounts to an insurance policy. These are often administered and managed by a third party vendor.

The third party typically manages repair projects through established national networks of local contractors.

Proprietary labor warranties are backed by the manufacturer themselves. These manufacturers either manage the labor warranty themselves with their own factory trained technicians, or train a network of local contractors to manage the projects for them.

These can be quite expensive due to the expertise level of technical support provided.

Parts Guarantees:

Manufacturers in the sign industry often provide up to 10 year guarantees on availability of parts.

Some manufacturers even go as far as to produce and store identical parts that were produced simultaneously with the product sent to the field.

Standard Components to Consider


There are two types of software; locally downloaded and cloud based

Locally downloaded software is the traditional method of controlling a sign, but it requires you to store the software on a single device and only control the sign from that unique point.

The sign industry is full of options for cloud based software solutions for led signage.

Guthman Signs highly recommends this option when it makes economic sense because of the ease of operation.

Communications Note: There are three main methods of LED sign communication: Hard Wired, Short Range Wireless, and Cellular Broadband.

Short range wireless: typically this method is more costly for installations because two antennas need to be installed and cables need to be run through walls and ceilings to make connections possible.

Local sign shops and installers love this method because of the extra installation charges they receive.

Cellular broadband modem: The modern LED sign industry has many options for cellular modems. These usually come with a data plan and/or include easy Sim chip integration (like a typical smart phone would have).

We love this method at Guthman Signs because:

  • It makes the installation easier and less expensive
  • it allows signs to run separately from the local organization’s network (more secure).
  • Easy diagnosis is made possible with most manufacturers being able to diagnose any problem remotely. This makes for quicker response times should a technical issue arise.


Finding the best LED sign definition for you

It is ESSENTIAL to understand LED sign definition and resolution to be able to determine the value of an LED sign.
Definition (Pixel Pitch) = the proximity or distance from the center of one pixel to the center of the pixel next to it.
Resolution (Pixel Matrix) = the number of overall pixels on a display.

We LOVE these videos from some of our manufacturers explaining and demonstrating the differences for you.


Many LED sign manufacturers have moved to a standard board size. This means each individual LED board (typically around 12’’X12’’) can be exchanged for a higher definition LED board in the future without having to invest in an entirely new sign when the time comes.

Look for a manufacturer that provides this type of standardized product if you are looking at using the same sign structure for 10+ years.

Standard Upgrade Options


Do It Yourself vs Turn Key

There are three main kinds of installation: Wall mount, direct bury, and anchor bolt.

Wall mounts can be dangerous if the sign is not designed and engineered correctly.

Direct bury can be a less expensive and quicker method of installation, but it is also more prone to environmental deterioration and/or rust.

Anchor bolt methods are used primarily for do it yourself installations because the process is simplified for less experienced installers.

Certain manufacturers are friendlier towards do it yourself methods of installation.

Your Guthman Signs Specialist will provide engineer drawings that are sealed by a licensed engineer in your state as part of the project. This will ensure that the installation goes well, and the sign is safe for your neighborhood.

Installation Process Overview

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