Indoor LED Signs & LED Video Wall Displays

What’s An Indoor LED Sign

When looking to enhance your business’s marketing reach, an indoor LED sign is always a smart decision. Indoor LED signs can be used for a wide range of things. These signs can be created to display different messages or information about your business while being illuminated by LEDs to help grab the attention of everyone in the area. They are commonly seen in schools for sports and other purposes, different retail stores, restaurants, and pretty much any other business. These indoor LED sign boards are extremely versatile, making them a very helpful form of marketing and grabbing someone’s attention. Digital signage is an ever-growing commodity that can greatly impact your companies’ business.


LED Video Wall Display

An LED video wall display is a large electronic display of an image or multiple images, and typically consists of multiple LED video wall panels tiled together as closely as possible to form a matrix of a screen to give off a “T.V.” like appearance. One of the cool things about LED video wall displays is that although the many different screens might not be physically connected, the technology behind the video wall allows for an image to be scaled across all the displays without respect to the individual screens display boundaries. They are used for many purposes. You might often recall seeing them in big arenas, stadiums, some companies even have smaller-scale ones for conference rooms, you can even see them in bigger schools and universities.


Something to keep in mind is that about 90 percent of the information that our brain processes are visual information. So anytime someone is physically looking at something, it is going to resonate with them more than just hearing it. Having a physical sign whether it is an LED or video wall will have a lasting impact on your audience that you are aiming to address. Here is a further look into what each of these signs can do to help cater to your specific area of business. 

Interior LED Signs:

  • Offer an increased range of visibility with the illuminating messages they can display 
  • LED lights help grab attention with their bright appearance
  • A good investment as they will reach a lot more people as opposed to a non-lighted sign
  • Relatively easy to change the desired message without having to purchase a whole new sign 

LED Video Walls & Displays:

  • Provides wall to wall coverage
  • Can really help engage an audience
  • Easy assembly and disassembly (expos/trade shows) 
  • Comes in a variety of sizes 
  • Allows for a bigger view of different images/videos/messages 


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Both these types of signs are unique and useful in their own ways. Indoor LED signs can be extremely useful in retail stores and restaurants or even elsewhere in a stadium to inform fans there of business. Video walls are great for displaying larger-sized content such as at stadiums and museums. It really just depends on the audience you are targeting and the need for the sign in the first place. All these displays are made to help engage different audiences for different purposes.


Indoor LED Displays: There are multiple types of LED displays. There is a text display, which is just a single primary LED display screen. Another common one is an image display. This consists of a double primary LED display screen to help display a bigger image/ message. For example, you might see a lot of different restaurants or stores that have LED lights that read either open or closed. Or you can see signs like this in areas of public transportation reading different travel times and similar information to trips.

LED Video Wall Displays: One of the most commonly used walls is called an LED video wall panel display. They are made up of flat-screen panels with very thin boundaries in between. This type of interior LED sign is very cost-effective; however, the only concern people normally have with this style is that they do not normally run the support for a 24/7 display.

Another well-known style is the cube-based video wall. This style uses a small projector that is mounted behind the display panel and integrated together to help provide excellent output quality. Because of how well the panel and projector are integrated together, the boundaries between panels can be as small as >1mm.

A third type is known as projection-based seamless display. These are not as commonly known as the other two, however, they still provide all the benefits of a cube-based video wall, but at a more affordable price. This style uses multiple projectors to project onto a bigger screen. The nice thing about this type is that the display is 100% seamless because of the technology used.

Commercial Video Displays: The biggest difference with a commercial video display is the fact that it is targeted to display for great durations, as opposed to a consumer display which generally is in a home, and only being viewed by so many people for limited periods at a time. A commercial video display is designed to operate for great lengths of time without complications and decrease in quality of output.

Arena Displays: Placing different signs and displays in an arena is definitely a wise move. Having such a big space to work with that will normally fill up with a huge amount of people provides the opportunity for so many different marketing strategies. When you have a big amount of space like that, you do not want to let it go to waste. Whether it is advertising for different restaurants located within the arena, gift shops, or different information about the events going on, a display will help spread that information in an effortless manner.

Many times, you may see something that is referred to as a jumbotron in different arenas. This is a type of arena display to a much larger scale. These are to help cover big audiences with one display so that everyone can see the same thing at the same time.


Your Indoor sign specialist will provide detailed explanations of the good, the bad, and ugly of each warranty in our market. They can also answer most service questions upfront, but if it requires more specialized attention to specific detail, each of our factories has fully staffed factory trained technicians on call to assist with any issue that may arise today or down the road.


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