When it comes to enhancing visibility and engaging with the community, LED church signs have become increasingly popular recently. With loads of unverifiable information being published, we thought it important to clear the air on the questions surrounding LED signage for churches. In this blog post, we will address and answer your top questions on Google. Read on to find the information you need to make an informed decision.

What are LED church signs?

LED church signs are electronic display boards that utilize light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to showcase messages, announcements, and visuals. These signs offer vibrant colors, high visibility, and customization options, making them an excellent choice for churches looking to communicate effectively with their congregation and the community.

What are the benefits of using LED signs?

LED church signs offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Increased visibility: LED signs are highly visible during both day and night, ensuring your messages reach a wider audience.
  • Dynamic content: With LED signs, you can easily change and update your messages, allowing you to share timely announcements, sermon themes, and event details.
  • Cost-effective: LED signs are energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan compared to traditional signage, reducing maintenance and replacement costs over time.
  • Community engagement: These signs capture attention, fostering community involvement and attracting new visitors to your church.
  • Versatility: LED signs can display text, images, videos, and animations, giving you endless creative possibilities to convey your message effectively.

How do LED church signs work?

LED church signs utilize an array of small LED lights that emit light when an electric current passes through them. This technology allows for high brightness, sharp clarity, and the ability to display content in various formats. The signs are typically controlled through software or a dedicated control panel, enabling easy customization and scheduling of messages.

Are LED signs easy to install and maintain?

Yes, LED church signs are relatively easy to install and maintain. Most providers offer professional installation services, ensuring the sign is properly mounted and connected. Maintenance typically involves routine cleaning and occasional technical checks. LED signs are designed to be durable and require minimal upkeep compared to traditional signage options.

How can I choose the right sign for my church?

When selecting an LED church sign, consider factors such as size, resolution, visibility distance, weather resistance, and software capabilities. Assess your church’s specific needs and goals, and consult with reputable sign manufacturers or suppliers who can provide guidance and help you choose the best option within your budget.

LED church signs offer a multitude of benefits, from increased visibility and community engagement to dynamic content display and cost-effectiveness. By investing in an LED church sign, you can effectively communicate with your congregation and create a positive impact on your community. Take the time to research, evaluate your needs, and choose a reliable provider to ensure that your LED church sign meets your expectations and helps you achieve your goals.

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As technology continues to advance, outdoor LED signage has become an increasingly popular choice for churches and schools. These versatile signs offer a range of benefits that can enhance communication, engagement, and safety within your community. In this article, we will explore the top 5 trends in outdoor LED signage and how each can benefit your school or church.

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1. Full-Color outdoor LED signage: With vibrant, eye-catching visuals, full-color LED displays are an effective way to capture attention and convey messages with impact. Whether you want to display upcoming events, inspirational quotes, or important announcements, full-color LED displays ensure that your messages are noticed and remembered by students, parents, and congregants alike.

2. Dynamic Content: Gone are the days of static, unchanging signs. Dynamic content is a key trend in outdoor LED signage, allowing you to showcase a variety of messages and visuals. From scrolling text to video integration, dynamic content enables you to keep your audience engaged and informed, whether it’s sharing event details or broadcasting motivational videos.

3. Remote Management: With remote management capabilities, you can easily update and control your LED sign from anywhere using a computer or mobile device. This convenience allows you to make real-time changes to your signage, ensuring that you can quickly communicate important information such as weather alerts, school closures, or service times without delay.

4. Energy-Efficient outdoor LED signage: LED technology is known for its energy efficiency, making it an environmentally friendly choice for your church or school. LED signs consume less electricity compared to traditional signage options, resulting in cost savings over time. By opting for LED signage, you not only reduce your carbon footprint but also save money on energy bills.

5. Integration with Social Media: In today’s digitally connected world, integrating your LED sign with social media platforms is a powerful way to engage your community. Displaying real-time social media feeds, event updates, or even highlighting positive testimonials from your school or church can foster a sense of community involvement and encourage active participation.

By embracing these top trends in outdoor LED signage, your school or church can significantly enhance communication, engagement, and safety within your community. Whether it’s captivating full-color displays, dynamic content, remote management, energy efficiency, or integration with social media, these trends offer tangible benefits that can help you effectively connect with your audience.

If you’re ready to explore the possibilities of outdoor LED signage for your church or school, Guthman Signs is here to assist you. With our expertise in delivering high-quality LED sign solutions, we can help you design and implement a cutting-edge signage system that meets your specific needs and goals. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and take the first step toward transforming your communication capabilities.

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Monument style outdoor LED sign with top accent and lettering
LED Display = 4’X8′ 10mm Double Sided

An outdoor LED sign is a great way for churches to communicate with their congregation and the local community. These signs are highly visible, energy efficient, and can be used to display messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With an outdoor LED sign from Guthman Signs, churches can easily share important information such as upcoming events, special announcements, and even inspirational quotes.

Top 5 Benefits of Purchasing an Outdoor LED Sign for Your Church

  1. Increased Visibility: An outdoor LED sign is one of the most effective ways to increase visibility for your church. The bright colors and vibrant images will attract attention from passersby and help your church stand out in the community.

  2. Cost-Effective: An outdoor LED sign is an affordable way to get your message across without breaking the bank. With low energy costs and minimal maintenance requirements, you can save money over time while still getting maximum exposure for your church.

  3. Easy to Use: With easy-to-use software, you can quickly create messages that will be displayed on your outdoor LED sign in just minutes! You don’t need any special technical skills or knowledge to operate an outdoor LED sign from Guthman Signs.

  4. Flexible: An outdoor LED sign gives you the flexibility to change your message as often as you like without having to worry about costly printing fees or labor costs associated with traditional signage methods. You can also use it to promote special events or services at your church in real time!

  5. Durable: Outdoor LED signs are designed to last for years, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon! They are also resistant to weather damage so they won’t fade or become damaged over time like other types of signage materials might.


An outdoor LED sign from Guthman Signs is a great investment for any church looking to increase visibility and reach more people in their community. With its cost-effective design, easy-to-use software, flexible messaging capabilities and durable construction, it’s no wonder why churches all over the world are turning towards this type of signage solution!

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In this day and age, having an LED sign for your church, school, or business is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity. LED signs have gained immense popularity over the years due to their versatility, reliability, and energy efficiency. They offer a great way to communicate with your audience and connect with them on a personal level. In this post, we’ll take a look at the top 5 uses for LED signs that will help transform your church, school, or business into a more engaging and dynamic space.

The Top 5 Uses (In no specific order)

  1. Promote Special Events: One of the best uses of an LED sign is to advertise and promote special events. Churches can use the LED sign to promote their Sunday services, upcoming events, or even to display inspirational messages. For businesses, an LED sign is a great way to showcase new products, discounts, and promotions. Schools can use LED signs to advertise school events, sports schedules, and reminders.
  2. Improve Safety: LED signs can also help improve safety in your church, school, or business. By displaying warning messages, you can alert your visitors and customers about any potential hazards on your premises. For example, schools can use LED signs to display messages like “Speed Limit 20 MPH” in their parking lots or remind drivers to wear seat belts.
  3. Boost Brand Awareness: LED signs are a great way to build brand awareness and showcase your business’s unique selling points. By displaying your logo, tagline, and other key messaging, you can attract more customers and generate more leads. Churches can use LED signs to display their mission statement, while schools can use them to highlight their academic achievements.
  4. Provide Information: LED signs are also an excellent way to provide information. Churches and schools can use them to display schedules, important dates, and announcements. Businesses can use LED signs to display store hours, contact information, or even to showcase customer reviews.
  5. Enhance Aesthetics: Finally, LED signs can enhance the overall aesthetics of your church, school, or business. They are visually stunning and can be customized to match your branding and messaging. LED signs come in a range of colors, fonts, and sizes, giving you the freedom to create a sign that will stand out and grab attention.

In conclusion, LED signs are an essential tool for any church, school, or business looking to connect with their audience and communicate more effectively. Whether you want to promote special events, improve safety, boost brand awareness, provide information or enhance aesthetics, an LED sign can help you achieve your goals. By investing in an LED sign, you can create a dynamic and engaging space that will leave a lasting impression on your visitors and customers. So, why wait? Take the first step towards transforming your space today by investing in an LED sign.


Reasons Why LED Signs Offer Great Returns on Investment

Businesses have come to depend on LED outdoor signs to announce their presence and convey information in an eye-catching, dynamic way. Some businesses and organizations, like churches or schools, may balk at the upfront cost of an LED sign. But if you learn the reasons why LED signs offer great returns on investment, you’ll be ready to take the plunge.

LED Signs Are Durable

Outdoor LED signs are built to endure weather conditions in your area. They can withstand extremes of temperature and precipitation, from torrential rains to heavy snow. And with the right advice from experts like Guthman Signs, you can select custom LED signs rated to stand up to the highest winds your area experiences. You can also get them professionally installed to ensure they withstand the elements—even in severe storms.

One Time Investment

Your marketing budget may include broadcast and print advertisements, plus the writing, design, and production that go into them. But with an LED sign, you make a one-time investment in your sign and the software that runs it, and you’re ready to take on all the future messaging and designs you’ll need with just clicks on a keyboard. LED signs don’t require multiple costs and big time commitments like paper brochures and broadcast advertisements do.

Instead, you can select custom LED signs for businesses that fit your budget while effectively conveying your logo and messaging to the surrounding community.

Energy Efficient

LED bulbs are bright and exceptionally energy efficient. They can use up to 80 percent less energy than conventional fluorescent or neon lights, potentially saving thousands in energy costs over the life of the sign.

Better still, LED lights can last up to 100,000 hours. These lights don’t burn out, and they’re recyclable, too. They don’t contain any harmful gases inside the bulbs that can crack or break, releasing those toxic substances into the environment. LEDs are low voltage and, once installed, require little maintenance. So, you won’t be up on a ladder changing light bulbs. You’ll be warm inside, making an announcement about your latest sale or promotion or congratulating a long-term employee on their work anniversary.

There are so many reasons LED signs offer great returns on investment. Let Guthman Signs help you find the right kind of sign for your business. Invest in long-lasting, attractive, and highly visible signage to draw customers, congregants, or community members to your business, house of worship, or organization.

Wind Load Ratings and Outdoor Signs: Here’s What To Know

When you’re considering purchasing a new outdoor sign or upgrading an old one for your business, school, church, or organization, your first thoughts may be about appearance, cost, and flexibility in messaging.

All these are important, but the sign’s ability to endure outdoor conditions, including heat, rain, sleet, and hail, is more important. Your sign must do this while projecting your company’s message and brand to passersby. Wind tolerance is a major factor in your sign’s longevity, not to mention safety for those driving, cycling, or walking past or under it. Here’s what to know as you shop and think about wind load ratings and outdoor signs.

Zoning and Location

Your local zoning ordinances will define where you can place your sign in terms of setbacks, height, and whether it must be illuminated 24 hours a day. Another determiner is wind load.

What Is Wind Load?

When wind encounters a solid surface it can’t effectively blow through, it creates pressure on that surface. Wind load is a measure of the pressure wind puts on a structure, depending on the wind’s speed and the structure’s size and shape. The American Society of Civil Engineers has standards that define the calculations used to determine acceptable wind loads based on the maximum expected wind speed in a location.

A sign’s size and shape and the shape and surface of its supporting structures determine the drag coefficient. This factors into the calculation of wind load. Both the sign and the supporting structures must meet local wind load standards to ensure the sign can endure high winds and won’t become unstable or dangerous during severe storms.

Your Outdoor Sign Dealer Should Know How To Calculate Wind Load

Nobody expects you to perform calculations that only civil and structural engineers understand. Still, the sign dealer you work with to select your outdoor LED display signs should be able to explain what to know about wind load ratings for outdoor signs to inform your purchase.

Guthman Signs serves as an unbiased sign broker and project manager to ensure you get the sign you need that will meet or exceed wind load specifications and requirements—all at a price you can afford. Call today!

Tips for Choosing the Best Church Sign Messages

Church signs serve the important function of identifying the church’s denomination, informing passersby of when services happen, and seeking volunteers for outreach work. Some signs are more effective than others in drawing in new parishioners or raising funds for charitable efforts. Signs can be humorous (as the internet has made noticeably clear!), thought provoking, or simply informational. Consider these tips for choosing the best church sign messages.

Think About the Type of Sign

The kind of sign your church has out front may determine what type of messages you can or should post. Some church signs require manually posting individual letters into channels on the sign to create a message.

Electronic church signs offer the opportunity to change messages frequently and rotate them with just a few clicks on a keyboard. LED signs are bright, eye catching, and can display graphics as well as text.

Keep It Short

People who see your church sign will most likely be driving, not walking or cycling, past your church building. Your message should be short enough to be read and understood in one pass. A rotating LED sign can flash your service schedule during the morning rush and inform drivers of volunteer opportunities as they pass on their way home.

Offer Inspiration

When times get hard and the news is relentlessly negative, people need a source of hope. Use inspirational verses on your church sign to buoy the spirits of people passing by. If they’re new to your area, you might just see them join you at weekend or evening services.

Timing Is Everything

There’s no sense in announcing holiday services after the holiday. Keep your church sign messages timely so prospective and current congregants have advance notice of special services, holiday schedules, or big fundraisers. When the event is over, change the sign immediately to highlight what’s coming next.

Be Respectful

Don’t post messages that could be construed as denigrating to other faith traditions or the sacred elements of your own. Avoid messaging designed to frighten or confront those who read them. Your purpose is to attract congregants and encourage contemplation of religious messages, not to threaten or insult people. That’s sure to be off putting and self defeating.

These simple tips for choosing the best church messages should help you organize your thinking about what you want to convey with your church sign. Don’t be afraid to display some personality: if your congregation appreciates humor, make sure it shows on your sign. If yours is a family-oriented church, post messages that welcome families with children and promote your religious education programs. If your sanctuary is a stunning wedding venue, let engaged couples know they can come and talk to you about their wedding service and the rules and procedures for holding their service in your church.

We at Guthman Signs look forward to helping you choose a church sign that will best display your church’s messages while respecting your budget for new or upgraded church signage.

5 Industries That Could Benefit From LED Digital Signs

Look around any public space, and you’re bound to see lots of people staring at their phones, swiping or tapping away. For businesses and institutions with important messages to share, this can be frustrating! There are effective ways to draw attention away from personal devices toward marketing messages or information you need to impart. Here are five industries that could benefit from LED digital signs.

1. Medical

Hospitals, clinics, and medical offices benefit from LED digital signs. These can provide wayfinding, queue management, and wellness messages that help patients and create a more efficient practice. This kind of signage can provide entertainment and information while patients wait inside, or updates on hours, reminders of important preventative care, and announcements of new services.

2. Media

Radio and television stations, as well as digital newspapers, can use LED signs to promote upcoming programs and news reporting, or announce breaking news. These “teaser” messages must be short and punchy, memorable, and easy to read and process as drivers pass by. They tune in or visit the organization’s website when they read their destination to check out the story.

3. Food Service

Food service is a diverse industry that benefits from LED digital signs. Restaurants, grocery stores, and food courts from malls to universities post menus, specials, and announcements on LED digital signs. Outside, restaurants can gain attention by highlighting reviews, displaying mouth-watering images of their house specialties, and promoting drink specials.

4. Transportation

Airports and bus stations routinely use digital signage to keep passengers up to date. But car dealerships, limousine and ride-share companies, and tour companies can also take advantage of the versatility of digital signage to announce promotions and discounts, new services and destinations, or the arrival of highly-anticipated new vehicle models.

5. Banking

With interest rates in the news, financial institutions can communicate their competitive offerings on LED signs. Encourage prospective customers to open accounts and current customers to add services or products with outdoor digital signage.

If you’re considering adding digital signage, contact Guthman Signs for the best unbiased advice and access to custom LED signs. We can help you craft cost-efficient and effective digital sign solutions that will get your messages across and build your brand.

A Brief Guide To Using Stadium Advertising in Your Arena

From the pros to the minor leagues and from college to high school sports, every playing field needs a scoreboard. With advances in technology, scoreboards have become more than just a place to check how the game is going; they also post scores around the league, weather updates, prize drawings, and fun facts about the athletes participating in the contest. Your business can use this brief guide to using stadium advertising in your arena to reach a large audience of fans.

Know Your Audience

Before you book an ad on an arena scoreboard, make sure you understand the audience that will see it. Sports fans are highly partisan, so you want to be sure to run an ad that is supportive of the home team in some way.

Sports fans are also a remarkably diverse audience, united in their love of the game. Run an ad that appears to everyone in your community.

Keep It Short

Fans glance at scoreboards between plays. During the game, no one is going to spend more than a few seconds looking at the scoreboard, even if it’s a huge jumbotron. Your ad should say what you want to say in one brief message that fans can read in a second or two, at most.

Use a Clean Design With No More Than Two Colors

You’ll want your logo in your ad, but make sure it displays well on the type of screen the arena features. LED scoreboards are programmable and can display a wide range of messages and colors. But for maximum effect with stadium advertising, avoid white backgrounds on an LED screen. These will be so bright they could obscure your message. Try a red, black, blue, or green background with contrasting white or yellow text.

Keep your design simple: use flat graphic images rather than complex art with many shaded color gradients. Use large, sans-serif fonts and reduce the number of words to the absolute minimum to get your message across. “Best Burgers in Town-See Us at the Concession Stand!” or “Fast Oil Changes to Keep You On the Go!” tell fans exactly what you offer.

Consider the Time of Day

Attend an event scheduled for the same time of day you’ll be running your ad. Is the sun on the outdoor scoreboard screen? Or is it in deep shadows? Work with your designer to devise an ad that will look good in whatever kind of light might fall on the screen when it displays your ad.

Guthman Signs can help you understand the capabilities of the electronic scoreboard that will display your ad. Therefore, you can consider the most effective use of the scoreboard as a means of making your brand and your product or service memorable to sports fans. Play ball!

The Benefits of Outdoor Digital Signage for Business

Promoting your business can be a full-time job in itself. Between managing social media, responding to online reviews, approving an ad campaign, and determining sale prices and dates, marketing has become more complex and challenging.

However, technology has made some types of marketing easier and more effective. A perfect example is the digital sign. These devices offer versatility, visibility, and attractiveness that can boost your business. Consider these benefits of outdoor digital signage for business.

Brand Awareness and Recall

Digital signage promotes brand awareness. People who see digital signs remember them, with a recall rate of 83%. Outdoor digital signage captures more views and more attention than other electronic media.


With an outdoor LED sign, you can post announcements the second they’re ready. Alert the public to sales, special events, or relocations with a few clicks on a keyboard that change the information displayed on your sign.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness

Outdoor digital signs use LEDs for illumination. LEDs are far more energy-efficient than conventional lighting.

Digital signage reaches a higher percentage of people than other electronic media. Because most people spend up to 70% of their time outside their homes, digital signage has a better chance of being seen, and therefore a higher number of impressions, compared to other forms of advertising. That lowers the cost per impression, making a digital outdoor sign a cost-effective choice.


Digital signs can increase engagement with your customers. Through careful observation and data gathering, you can learn when and why drivers pass by your location where they can view your sign.

With some creativity, your sign can become a local landmark, where people go out of their way to read your joke of the day, participate in a contest to win one of your products, or to see a family member or neighbor celebrated for their years of service.

You can also change messages that speak to morning commuters when they drive past, or address those stuck in rush hour traffic going home. Reach sports fans on game days and music fans on concert nights. The ease of messaging is one of the greatest benefits of digital LED signs for business.

For advice on the type of sign that might work best for your business and that fits within your budget, contact Guthman Signs today.


Let us help you make a well-informed purchase. Contact Guthman, your digital experts, for the best LED signboards in the industry.