5 Industries That Could Benefit From LED Digital Signs

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Look around any public space, and you’re bound to see lots of people staring at their phones, swiping or tapping away. For businesses and institutions with important messages to share, this can be frustrating! There are effective ways to draw attention away from personal devices toward marketing messages or information you need to impart. Here are five industries that could benefit from LED digital signs.

1. Medical

Hospitals, clinics, and medical offices benefit from LED digital signs. These can provide wayfinding, queue management, and wellness messages that help patients and create a more efficient practice. This kind of signage can provide entertainment and information while patients wait inside, or updates on hours, reminders of important preventative care, and announcements of new services.

2. Media

Radio and television stations, as well as digital newspapers, can use LED signs to promote upcoming programs and news reporting, or announce breaking news. These “teaser” messages must be short and punchy, memorable, and easy to read and process as drivers pass by. They tune in or visit the organization’s website when they read their destination to check out the story.

3. Food Service

Food service is a diverse industry that benefits from LED digital signs. Restaurants, grocery stores, and food courts from malls to universities post menus, specials, and announcements on LED digital signs. Outside, restaurants can gain attention by highlighting reviews, displaying mouth-watering images of their house specialties, and promoting drink specials.

4. Transportation

Airports and bus stations routinely use digital signage to keep passengers up to date. But car dealerships, limousine and ride-share companies, and tour companies can also take advantage of the versatility of digital signage to announce promotions and discounts, new services and destinations, or the arrival of highly-anticipated new vehicle models.

5. Banking

With interest rates in the news, financial institutions can communicate their competitive offerings on LED signs. Encourage prospective customers to open accounts and current customers to add services or products with outdoor digital signage.

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