7 Facts About Your Sign’s Effectiveness (And What to do About Them)

According to the Sign Research Foundation, ( sign quality directly impacts an organization’s ability to attract people in many ways.

The Good News:

This is true whether the organization is a business looking to improve revenue, a school looking to increase community involvement, or a church with a newfound need to reach out to the community and drive attendance, or a municipality seeking to improve community outreach and emergency communications.

Fact #1:  76% of people said they have entered an organization they had never been to before because of the sign.

By considering more creative styles and electronic message centers, you can capitalize on this fact by making your sign more unique, and thus, more noticeable.

Fact #2: 75% of people say they have referred someone to an organization solely because of the sign.

Referrals are any organization’s most prized engagement. LED signs create a sense of uniqueness, reliability, and trustworthiness, making them the best possible marketing tool for assisting referrals.


Fact #3: 67% of people purchased a product or service because the sign caught their eye.

Most signs are “invisible” to the passer-by. This is because typical sign designs are so common, that audiences become desensitized to signs that in the past would have captured their attention. With LED Digital displays you can avoid this problem. Instead of a normal sign, that doesn’t change, LED signs with ever-changing and unique content will make you stand out…


Fact #4: 50% of people said that an old or poor sign deterred them from entering a business.

Signs are often considered a decoration, or ornament for a property. Of course, signs can serve this purpose, and do it well, but many underestimate the power of signs. Signs are one of the most important marketing tools for an organization. Be sure to regularly check your sign and upgrade when needed to avoid a decline in marketing effectiveness and loss of revenue.


Fact #5: 68% of people believe a sign reflects the quality of an organization’s product or service.

With this in mind, creative styles and designs, as well as dynamic LED message centers are great for building confidence in your organization’s brand. Be creative and don’t be afraid to stand out with your sign design. Chances are, you are more creative than you think.


Fact #6: 60% of organizations that updated their signage saw a 10% increase in revenue.

If your sign is old, damaged, faded, or failing in some way, keep this in mind. It is virtually guaranteed that upgrading your signage will increase your marketing plan’s effectiveness.


Fact #7: 85% of your audience/customers/parishioners are within a 5-mile radius of your location.

The people you seek to serve most, are all within your reach. However, if you do not stand out, because of an outdated sign your organization will suffer losses as a result. Keep your sign updated, uniquely designed, and implement LED signs when possible, to stand out, build trust, and meet your organization’s goals as a result.



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