How LED Signs Can Increase Church Attendance

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Most churches have signage outside to identify the denomination they represent or to welcome all to services. But when you learn how LED signs can increase church attendance, you may consider upgrading from your static signage to something more customizable.

LED signs are dynamic message boards that can display updated messages as necessary, so each time someone sees it, they may see something new. Updating the message on an LED sign is as easy as typing new text, selecting some graphics, and clicking a few keys on a laptop to direct the software that runs the sign to display the new information.

LED Signs Welcome All

Houses of worship of all faiths benefit from LED signs because these signs allow them to communicate with the surrounding area. Churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and meeting houses can all use signage to send messages of welcome to draw in curious newcomers and to lure returnees who’ve been out of the habit of attending services back to worship.

They Can Become Neighborhood Landmarks

People drive past your church every day of the week, so your church sign may become a local landmark. People may give guests and strangers directions using your sign as a point of reference. As a neighborhood fixture, an LED sign provides you with an opportunity to communicate not just your church’s name and the time you hold services but also upcoming events, scripture verses, and local news. People will come to rely on your church sign as a source of inspiration, a reminder of important events, or a supplier of uplifting local news. These notices draw interest—and they may draw more folks through the door.

Newcomers Often Look for Signs

Moving to a new town requires many adjustments, and one of them is finding a compatible congregation. Your church sign can act as a welcome wagon for new neighbors and convey your congregation’s personality in the messages you post. Piquing newcomers’ interest with a regularly updated welcome message may inspire them to choose your church for next Sunday’s service.

LED Signs Are Attractive and Budget Friendly

An electronic sign needn’t be garish or overly bright. The latest technology helps churches post legible greetings and sharp images that are both tasteful and informative. And although budget may be a concern, many congregations have found that installing LED signs is quite cost effective. Anyone who drives, bikes, or walks past will see the clear messaging, eliminating the need to print flyers and mailers to announce events. Reminders on the sign can direct congregants and guests to your website to download next week’s order of worship or sign up to bring food to the potluck.

LED signs can increase church attendance with current messaging that’s important to the neighborhood and attractive to newcomers. The Sign Specialists at Guthman Signs can help you choose the most appropriate digital church sign for your property. Contact Guthman Signs for information on how we can help your church thrive with new LED signage.


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