Illuminating the Cost: A Guide to Custom LED Signs

Custom LED signs are a vibrant and versatile way to grab attention and elevate your brand or space. Whether you’re a business owner, church leader, school PTO, seeking to captivate customers, or a homeowner looking to add a personalized touch, LED signs offer a dynamic solution. But with so many customization options, a crucial question arises: How much do custom LED signs cost?

The truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. However, the cost of your custom LED sign hinges on several key factors, and understanding these factors will empower you to make informed decisions and find the perfect sign within your budget.

Factors Influencing Custom LED Sign Costs:

  • Size vs Definition: As with most things, size matters. Bigger signs require more materials and labor, leading to a higher price tag. Determine the ideal dimensions for your desired location and visibility. Distance from the audience or passers by, and the LED display’s definition should be chosen based on practicality to save money. Example: Choose a smaller size, but higher definition, if the sign is to beviewed closeby, and larger sizes with lower definitions can be more effective for locations farther from the audience or passers by.
  • Complexity of Design: Simple rectangular signs are generally more affordable than intricate designs with multiple colors, fonts, elaborate patterns, accents, added lighting, and textures. The more detailed your design, the greater the production time and potentially the cost.
  • Number of Colors: While a single color keeps things cost-effective, incorporating multiple colors adds visual interest but can also raise the price. Consider the impact you want to achieve and choose colors strategically.
  • Font/Logo Style: Standard fonts and basic logos are typically included in base pricing. However, if you have a unique or custom font or logo in mind, there may be additional fees for specialized design work.
  • Structural Material: Custom LED signs can be mounted on various materials like acrylic, wood, or many types of metal. Each material offers distinct aesthetic qualities and durability factors, impacting cost. Tip: Instead of asking the question “Do we want a sign?” ask the question “WHEN do we want to replace the sign we purchase?”. This will help you make a value based decision vs choosing based on price alone, which can backfire. Example: If you choose a lower cost option with a 2 year warranty, vs a sign of slightly higher cost but which has a 5 year warranty.
  • Power Source and Controls: Basic on/off switches are standard, but features like dimmers, timers, phtosensors, or remote control systems can add to the final price. Pay attention to the cost of operation of the sign options you are weighing as it may affect your value decision due to the cost of operating the sign over time.
  • Installation: While some signs are designed for easy self-installation, others may require professional mounting for safety and optimal positioning. Factor in installation costs if needed. Be wary of sign companies making little of the difficulties involved, and skills required for a typical custom sign installation. Some companies attempt to sell signs without service to cut their costs but this can end up in unforeseen costs after the pruchase, if skills and requirements are beyond what was advertised during the sales process.

Beyond the Basics: Additional Considerations

  • Lead Time: The time it takes to design, fabricate, and ship your sign can influence cost. Rush orders often incur additional fees.
  • Warranty: A warranty ensures repairs or replacements if necessary. While extending the warranty period might add slightly to the cost upfront, it provides peace of mind in the long run. On the other hand, sometimes the extended warranty is not needed, resulting in unnecessary costs. 
  • Supplier Experience and Reputation: A reputable sign company with a proven track record of quality craftsmanship might command a slightly higher price, but it guarantees a professional outcome and exceptional customer service.

Guthman Signs: Your Partner in Illumination

At Guthman Signs, we understand that budget is a top concern. That’s why we work closely with our clients to create custom LED signs that meet their needs and budgetary constraints. Our transparent pricing structure ensures you’ll never face hidden fees.

We offer a free quote and design process where our design team will discuss your vision, explore various options, and provide an accurate cost estimate tailored to your specific requirements. We even provide scaled graphic design services which show you what the project site looks like before and after the new sign installation.

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