Reasons Why LED Signs Offer Great Returns on Investment


Businesses have come to depend on LED outdoor signs to announce their presence and convey information in an eye-catching, dynamic way. Some businesses and organizations, like churches or schools, may balk at the upfront cost of an LED sign. But if you learn the reasons why LED signs offer great returns on investment, you’ll be ready to take the plunge.

LED Signs Are Durable

Outdoor LED signs are built to endure weather conditions in your area. They can withstand extremes of temperature and precipitation, from torrential rains to heavy snow. And with the right advice from experts like Guthman Signs, you can select custom LED signs rated to stand up to the highest winds your area experiences. You can also get them professionally installed to ensure they withstand the elements—even in severe storms.

One Time Investment

Your marketing budget may include broadcast and print advertisements, plus the writing, design, and production that go into them. But with an LED sign, you make a one-time investment in your sign and the software that runs it, and you’re ready to take on all the future messaging and designs you’ll need with just clicks on a keyboard. LED signs don’t require multiple costs and big time commitments like paper brochures and broadcast advertisements do.

Instead, you can select custom LED signs for businesses that fit your budget while effectively conveying your logo and messaging to the surrounding community.

Energy Efficient

LED bulbs are bright and exceptionally energy efficient. They can use up to 80 percent less energy than conventional fluorescent or neon lights, potentially saving thousands in energy costs over the life of the sign.

Better still, LED lights can last up to 100,000 hours. These lights don’t burn out, and they’re recyclable, too. They don’t contain any harmful gases inside the bulbs that can crack or break, releasing those toxic substances into the environment. LEDs are low voltage and, once installed, require little maintenance. So, you won’t be up on a ladder changing light bulbs. You’ll be warm inside, making an announcement about your latest sale or promotion or congratulating a long-term employee on their work anniversary.

There are so many reasons LED signs offer great returns on investment. Let Guthman Signs help you find the right kind of sign for your business. Invest in long-lasting, attractive, and highly visible signage to draw customers, congregants, or community members to your business, house of worship, or organization.


Let us help you make a well-informed purchase. Contact Guthman, your digital experts, for the best LED signboards in the industry.