Things To Consider When Choosing an LED Sign


Signage can make a difference in a business’s success. New LED signs provide bright, clear signage that states your message in vibrant detail. There are several things to consider when choosing an LED sign.

Visual Quality and Image Resolution

The most important consideration for outdoor LED signs is visual quality. You want potential customers to notice the beauty of the sign and the information it conveys. You don’t want them to glance at your sign and think, “Wow, that looks choppy!”

LED signs display detailed images with vibrant colors. However, the image resolution required for maximum effect depends on the distance between the sign and viewers. Large signs meant to be seen from the highway require a larger “pixel pitch” than smaller signs intended for streetside or building display.

“Pixel pitch” is the distance from the center of one pixel to another. A “pixel” is a group of red, green, and blue LED lights. Signs meant to be seen from closer up require a smaller pixel pitch.

Durability and Weather Resistance

Outdoor signs must be sturdy and weather resistant. Consider the severity of wind storms in your area, the frequency of heavy precipitation, and other potential hazards like fire or earthquake. No sign will survive a major natural disaster completely intact, but you can choose weather-resistant signs that keep moisture out.


One of the most important things to consider when choosing an LED sign is the operating system that controls the message and images on the sign. If you change your message often, you may want to choose a synchronous system that reflects your changes the moment you make them.

If you won’t need to change your sign often, you can pre-program a few rotating messages to run automatically until you decide to re-program the sequence.


Most areas have strict zoning requirements for business signage. Zoning requirements may affect the permissible size, brightness, and location of your sign. Be sure to check all applicable restrictions on the type of sign you can put up in your location to avoid costly mistakes.


Large LED billboards aren’t cheap, but they have been shown to have a positive return on investment by bringing in new customers and increasing sales. If your budget is tight, it is still possible to get the benefits of energy-efficient, bright, effective messaging by using a light-box arrangement or other less expensive design that uses LED lighting.

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