A Brief Guide To Using Stadium Advertising in Your Arena


From the pros to the minor leagues and from college to high school sports, every playing field needs a scoreboard. With advances in technology, scoreboards have become more than just a place to check how the game is going; they also post scores around the league, weather updates, prize drawings, and fun facts about the athletes participating in the contest. Your business can use this brief guide to using stadium advertising in your arena to reach a large audience of fans.

Know Your Audience

Before you book an ad on an arena scoreboard, make sure you understand the audience that will see it. Sports fans are highly partisan, so you want to be sure to run an ad that is supportive of the home team in some way.

Sports fans are also a remarkably diverse audience, united in their love of the game. Run an ad that appears to everyone in your community.

Keep It Short

Fans glance at scoreboards between plays. During the game, no one is going to spend more than a few seconds looking at the scoreboard, even if it’s a huge jumbotron. Your ad should say what you want to say in one brief message that fans can read in a second or two, at most.

Use a Clean Design With No More Than Two Colors

You’ll want your logo in your ad, but make sure it displays well on the type of screen the arena features. LED scoreboards are programmable and can display a wide range of messages and colors. But for maximum effect with stadium advertising, avoid white backgrounds on an LED screen. These will be so bright they could obscure your message. Try a red, black, blue, or green background with contrasting white or yellow text.

Keep your design simple: use flat graphic images rather than complex art with many shaded color gradients. Use large, sans-serif fonts and reduce the number of words to the absolute minimum to get your message across. “Best Burgers in Town-See Us at the Concession Stand!” or “Fast Oil Changes to Keep You On the Go!” tell fans exactly what you offer.

Consider the Time of Day

Attend an event scheduled for the same time of day you’ll be running your ad. Is the sun on the outdoor scoreboard screen? Or is it in deep shadows? Work with your designer to devise an ad that will look good in whatever kind of light might fall on the screen when it displays your ad.

Guthman Signs can help you understand the capabilities of the electronic scoreboard that will display your ad. Therefore, you can consider the most effective use of the scoreboard as a means of making your brand and your product or service memorable to sports fans. Play ball!


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