5 Ways to Engage Your Community with An LED Church Sign

Churches are installing LED signs across America in growing numbers thanks to the plethora of options to fit most church budgets in one way or another. Although this is an exciting and beneficial trend in church marketing, LED signs are often an entirely new endeavor for most church staff members. This lack of experience matched with the extreme importance of high-quality content on LED signs, means most LED signs are not being used to their fullest potential. The following 5 methods, ideas, and considerations are meant to spark creativity for Churches with LED signs to help remedy this trend.

#1: Fundraisers.

Most churches know how to plan and implement fundraisers. But how do you use your LED sign to market the fundraiser? Consider the digital sign at the earliest stages of planning, to be sure your marketing content across bulletins, website, and/or other notices are all complimentary with the sign’s capabilities.

Pro Tip: If your LED sign is a lower definition, make sure the principal message is short enough to be read easily on the display. IF you have a high definition sign, be careful not to crowd the sign with too much text, rather focus on a single powerful and recognizable image with 1-3 words to compliment. The goal is to create interest in 4-6 seconds, not communicate all the details.

#2: Spotlights

Churches have everyday heroes in their congregations. People that demonstrate the church’s vision for service are community champions that deserve the spotlight. By using your sign to recognize amazing acts of service in the community, your church can communicate exactly how it is helping the community. Trust, excitement, engagement, and fundraising all benefit from getting the word out on the heroes we drive past every day.

Pro Tip: Don’t ask permission. Service heroes tend to be humble and don’t usually seek public recognition. They do like to feel loved and appreciated (don’t we all?). It isn’t necessary to use names on the sign of course, but a powerful photo of a service hero in action can provide the background for powerful and engaging messaging.

#3: In times of need.

Congregations often seek ways to serve in their communities, but in times of dire need (ie imminent danger, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, or others) it can be hard to coordinate so many willing community servants in time-efficient ways. Use your LED sign to help coordinate times, dates, places, and initiatives quickly and efficiently. When you update your social media sites, website, blog, text groups, or community email, update the sign as well, so those who wish to serve have the information they need to be able to engage with the community’s urgent needs.

Pro Tip: Create an emergency playlist template in the LED sign software so you are ready when the time comes to simply edit the text and post quickly. Creating a playlist to upload on the sign at the time of need can be impossible due to time constraints. Having a playlist on hand will make it a no brainer when/if the time comes.

#4: Team up with other churches.

By co-sponsoring, events with broader community impact are possible. LED sign marketing allows for co-branding on events such as concerts, revivals, VBS events, camps, performing arts programs, etc. Larger draws such as famous artists etc can be expensive. But sharing cost by providing marketing spots on your sign can allow your reach to grow exponentially.

Pro Tip: Check with your local radio station, performing arts theater, and/or nationally recognized speakers as well as local and regional businesses, churches, etc to combine efforts in this way. They will often partner with churches to share costs, especially if they can market to the community through your LED sign.

#5: Be funny.

A quick humorous message or photo on an LED sign can be a memorable experience. Communities feel a sense of trust when comedy is use don signs. Since they are not being “sold”  or “marketed” to per se many people become more curious about an organization. Quite simply put, comedy builds a sense of trust.

Pro Tip: There’s a comedian or two in every congregation. Ask around for ideas and you might be surprised at the great ideas already waiting in the minds of your church members. 

Best Ways to Engage Your Community with Your LED Church Sign Recap:

  • Fundraisers
  • Spotlights
  • In Times of Need
  • Team Up with Other Churches
  • Be Funny


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