Holiday Content Ideas for LED Church Signs

With the holidays coming up quickly many churches find themselves at a loss for what to use for content on their programmable LED church sign. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year celebrations can all be a great time to reach out to the community. People are out and about, often extremely stressed, anxious, and nervous about finding the perfect balance for their holiday celebrations and activities. It is a great time for LED signs for this reason, but the correct content will make all the difference.

#1 Halloween Church Sign Ideas

This can be difficult for churches, obviously, because of the nature of the holiday in general, most churches shy away from marketing church activities at this time of year. However, Christians are often at a loss as to where they can go and what they can do during the Halloween season. Focusing your LED sign content on alternatives rather than negative advertising against Halloween has proven effective for many churches. Juxtapose your messaging with statements about light instead of darkness, confidence and faith instead of fear and terror, etc. Church activities can increase attendance during these times when Christians need alternatives. Even changeable letter signs can be used in this way with simple text like this one.

halloween church sign ideas


#2 Thanksgiving Church Sign Ideas

Family gatherings like Thanksgiving bring communities together every year. But what role can LED signs play to help church attendance in the Thanksgiving season? Many churches focus on simple messaging to reinforce the values of togetherness, thankfulness, blessings, and family union. These are great messages to cause the attendees to reinforce their spiritual commitments, but does little to challenge Christians who might be on the fence about including the church in their family plans for the holiday. Basically, the main hurdle for these families is time and complexity. With so many logistical challenges facing families during the season it is important to reinforce the ways in which the church can support these families with supportive messages of inclusion in activities. A great example from SouthCross Community Church can be seen below.

thanksgiving church sign ideas


#3 Christmas Church Sign Ideas

Christmas may well be considered equivalent to the Superbowl for Christians for obvious reasons. So many tactics have been used with programmable LED signs for churches that it can be difficult to know what tactics are more effective. People know churches love Christmas. They often know the Nativity story and realize that your typical consumerist perspective of Christmas isn’t the real story. However, these perceptions are simply more attractive to communities because of the cultural shifts toward materialism and away from Christian traditions. Churches have had great success with simple messaging at these times to show an inclusive and inviting approach, like the St. Joseph Parish sign below for example.

christmas church sign ideas


#4 New Year Celebrations

Secular traditions for New Year’s eve, for example, can often be times when churches are trying to keep communities from falling into temptation and sin. These are chances for messaging that hits home in a very real way. Many drivers are experiencing doubts, fears, and feelings of inadequacy at these times. Our culture tells people to make big resolutions about how they will change their lives for the better in the New Year. Stay away from the obvious low hanging fruit with messages about how sin is bad and people shouldn’t drink and drive, etc. These messages, although true and well-intentioned, can be considered white noise for most and often require long phrases that are usually not read since typical view times for LED signs are between 5 and 8 seconds. A more effective approach to this time of year is to provide positive and simple messages of support for the holiday itself. A great example from the Kingsland Community Church can be seen below.


new years sign ideas


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