5 Ways to Use Your LED Sign to Attract Buyers

LED signs make businesses grow quickly by providing a platform where they can show more about the business and its offerings in incredibly dynamic fashion. However, many owners of LED signs find themselves at a loss after their sign is installed. What kind of content works best? How often should the sign change? Questions like these are common. Most LED sign owners should have an established strategy for their sign. The following proven tips will help you establish a content strategy on your LED sign, whether you are a church or a school, that will attract buyers and increase revenue.

Top 5 Ways to Use Your LED Sign to Attract Customers

  • Use Appropriate Timing
  • Use Smart Colors
  • Choose a Manufacturer to Fit Your Needs
  • Consider Your Inventory
  • Be Patient

#1: Use Appropriate Timing

A foolproof way to find out how quickly your sign can be read is to simply create a test slide on the display and drive by the sign at the speed of traffic. Count the seconds that pass from the moment you are able to read the sign until you pass it. If you noted less than 5 seconds you need to make your text larger or the image larger, so the display is more visible from further away. A 5-second view time is the minimum view time for any driver to capture the message effectively. If you are over 8 seconds in view time, the messaging should be programmed to change messages at 7-8 seconds to avoid over exposure and make the best use of your messaging capacity.

Pro Tip: If you have yet to purchase your LED sign, you can perform this test with cardboard, whiteboard, paper, etc. but be sure your text height is no smaller than 5’’ and keep the word count to 3-5 for a realistic test. Increase the size of text as needed to create the 5-8 second view time you desire.

#2: Use Smart Colors

A common mistake with content creation for LED signs is over saturation of color. Many people trend toward the use of multiple bright colors to get their message across. However, the lack of contrast can be a very real problem. Black outlines on text can help offset this, but the best methodology for content creation on LED signs is to use no more than three colors at a time with at least one of these being a dark tone.

Pro Tip: Be careful to use solid backgrounds whenever possible of either a dark tone or a bright tone, with the overlaid text being the opposite tone to create the desired contrast. This is especially necessary for borderless LED displays.

#3: Choose a manufacturer to fit your needs

As people choose their LED display manufacturer they often focus on the specifications of the sign, as they should. However, content is often lost in this equation where in reality it is perhaps the most important part of any sign project’s marketing efficacy. Some manufacturers offer content creation packages to assist you if you are uncomfortable taking this on yourself. Other manufacturers provide tutorials and webinars to educate clients on how to make the best possible content for their sign.

Pro Tip: Many manufacturers include standard content libraries as part of their software offering. Ask how much content is included and what, if any support is offered concerning content creation. Take these variables seriously before buying, and you will get much more out of your sign than perhaps you even expected.

#4: Consider your inventory

Stale inventory can be the downfall of a business. Tailor your content on the LED sign to match what you want to move out the door. Many LED sign owners focus on marketing what they have had success with, and this would seem like a safe bet to increase sales. However, the reasons why people have not purchased your inventory could easily be that they hav enot realized you offer the product(s) to begin with.

Pro Tip: Plan on regular sale offers timed to match the timing of the excesses in inventory you have found. Your community will also grow familiar with this pattern and can often create customer loyalty as a result.

#5: Be Patient

LED signs are often mistaken to be drivers of impulse buys. Although they do drive short term impulse buys in certain circumstances, it is more common to have a gradual more sustainable effect on buyers. People go with what is top of mind when they have the need or desire that matches your business. Staying top of mind with the community will create loyal customers that will support your business for many years to come. Short term impulse buys are great, but rarely do they support a business long term unless the entire business model favors fast buys at a low dollar amount.

Pro Tip: Think of your customers as your neighbors. They need to know who you are and why you are trustworthy. They need to know you are there when they need you. Be consistent in messaging and promotion cycles over time and people will notice.


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