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The Top 7 Benefits of LED Video Walls Vs Projectors

| Church Signs, LED Signs

Traditionally, churches have used large multimedia projectors as the preferred solution to their needs in sanctuaries across the United States. However, in recent years, indoor LED wall solutions have become the better choice for many reasons including the better ROI they provide over time. With church attendance numbers falling nationwide,…

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How to Measure for an LED Sign

How to Choose the Right Size LED Sign

| Church, LED Signs

One of the easiest ways to save money on your LED sign is to be calculated in your choice of display size. Bigger is not always better. Sales people often take advantage of this misconception and encourage buyers to go as big as they can. Too large, and your sign…

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5 Ways to Use Your LED Sign to Attract Buyers

| LED Signs

LED signs make businesses grow quickly by providing a platform where they can show more about the business and its offerings in incredibly dynamic fashion. However, many owners of LED signs find themselves at a loss after their sign is installed. What kind of content works best? How often should…

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