Tips for Choosing the Best Church Sign Messages


Church signs serve the important function of identifying the church’s denomination, informing passersby of when services happen, and seeking volunteers for outreach work. Some signs are more effective than others in drawing in new parishioners or raising funds for charitable efforts. Signs can be humorous (as the internet has made noticeably clear!), thought provoking, or simply informational. Consider these tips for choosing the best church sign messages.

Think About the Type of Sign

The kind of sign your church has out front may determine what type of messages you can or should post. Some church signs require manually posting individual letters into channels on the sign to create a message.

Electronic church signs offer the opportunity to change messages frequently and rotate them with just a few clicks on a keyboard. LED signs are bright, eye catching, and can display graphics as well as text.

Keep It Short

People who see your church sign will most likely be driving, not walking or cycling, past your church building. Your message should be short enough to be read and understood in one pass. A rotating LED sign can flash your service schedule during the morning rush and inform drivers of volunteer opportunities as they pass on their way home.

Offer Inspiration

When times get hard and the news is relentlessly negative, people need a source of hope. Use inspirational verses on your church sign to buoy the spirits of people passing by. If they’re new to your area, you might just see them join you at weekend or evening services.

Timing Is Everything

There’s no sense in announcing holiday services after the holiday. Keep your church sign messages timely so prospective and current congregants have advance notice of special services, holiday schedules, or big fundraisers. When the event is over, change the sign immediately to highlight what’s coming next.

Be Respectful

Don’t post messages that could be construed as denigrating to other faith traditions or the sacred elements of your own. Avoid messaging designed to frighten or confront those who read them. Your purpose is to attract congregants and encourage contemplation of religious messages, not to threaten or insult people. That’s sure to be off putting and self defeating.

These simple tips for choosing the best church messages should help you organize your thinking about what you want to convey with your church sign. Don’t be afraid to display some personality: if your congregation appreciates humor, make sure it shows on your sign. If yours is a family-oriented church, post messages that welcome families with children and promote your religious education programs. If your sanctuary is a stunning wedding venue, let engaged couples know they can come and talk to you about their wedding service and the rules and procedures for holding their service in your church.

We at Guthman Signs look forward to helping you choose a church sign that will best display your church’s messages while respecting your budget for new or upgraded church signage.


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