What are the Steps to Getting a new LED Sign, and How long does it take?

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1. Defining the Scope of Work, Needs, and Budget

Every sign project comes with its fair share of customization and nuance. You need to know what aspects of the sign are most important to you, so that you can quote the appropriate vendors. This includes the cost, longevity, ease of installation, tech support, software, etc. It’s this step where you determine where the sign is going, and what size/resolution. You also delve into the design a bit so that you as the client can get an idea of what options are available.


2. Discovery Phase 

Every city and county is different across the U.S. so it’s difficult to know what you’re “permitted” without reaching out to the local zoning office. Guthman Signs offers this service at $50, or the client is welcome to get that information themselves. This should be done FIRST, because it helps provide a framework for the quoting and designs. A business or church may WANT a 50 square foot sign, but only be “permitted” 32 square feet, for example. you get this information early on in the process so that there are no surprises when we go to pull permits for the installation of the sign.


3. Quoting and Design

Once you know the parameters you are working within via the zoning regulations, you can then work up different designs/quotes using all of our national vendors across the country. Often times we will send a video along with our quotes in an effort to explain how the various vendors differ in their offerings. You will then need to schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss the pros and cons of each option according to your preferences, and then go back to the vendors with your feedback.


4. Quote Comparison and Design questions

Because there isn’t ANYTHING we CAN’T build, this phase can sometimes take a bit. You have unlimited options for faux stone, brick, masonry etc. and access to quotes from 13 of the most popular LED vendors in the market. Our job is to streamline your access to ALL of the options out there, and provide unbiased feedback so that the client can make the best decision for their own unique circumstance. This is often the stage where we pit LED vendors against each other on your behalf in order to help drive down the cost for the client.


5. Final quote/design selection/scope of work (installation) paramaters

This is where you settle on the design, quote, and installation of the sign. Guthman Signs can be as hands-on, or hands-off as you’d like us to be with your sign project. We can simply ship you an LED display for self-installation, or provide a turn-key proposal including permits, install, etc. Our terms are 50-50. 50% of the overall sign project costs is required to begin production. Once the quote and design are also signed off on and sent back, we start the engineering process of the sign.

6. Permits/surveys 

BEFORE we start building your sign, we need to make sure ALL necessary permits are approved. This is to make sure your organization isn’t on the hook to buy a sign that you aren’t permitted to have. This may involve electrical, building, and sign permits. Surveys may need to be done before or after providing a firm installation quote (depending on the scope of work.)  


7. LED Sign Production

Once you have all permit/survey docs, you can put the LED sign “into production.” Depending on the customization of the sign, our signs typically range anywhere from 6-12 weeks to fabricate. Guthman Signs does provide much more information throughout this process than ANY other company in the market. When applicable, we will provide updates, including pictures of the progress being made throughout the entire build process.


8. Final 50% payment/sign shipment

Once the sign is ready to ship, we will invoice the final 50% of the overall project cost. Once that is received, we will provide tracking information and set up the shipping and receipt of the sign (whether that’s our turn-key solution, or us simply shipping the sign to you to install yourself.)


9. Software/tech support set-up

We will get you in touch with the LED provider for your sign and set you up for the software tutorial/demo. We will make sure you have all of the contact information for any and all potential issues moving forward. 


10. Follow-up Quality Check call/email

We will check back in with you after a month or two to make sure everything is performing up to standards in case there are any “loose ends”.


Let us help you make a well-informed purchase. Contact Guthman, your digital experts, for the best LED signboards in the industry.