What Should You Be Putting On Your LED Church Sign?

So you have an LED church sign, but now what?

There is a saying the LED sign industry, “Content is king.”

Quite simply put, if your LED sign has the most amazing brightness, full-color range, and high definition, and your content is lacking, it won’t matter how much you’ve invested.

Effective LED sign content for churches is THE most important factor for your project. As a marketing tool, LED signs are made to produce high-quality dynamic marketing strategies. Below are some tips and strategies to make the most of your LED church sign’s content.

#1: Take the time to create a strategy and vision.

Since LED signs are a considerable investment, it is important to formulate a strategy to maximize that investment. Think about what your church’s mission and vision statements are. How can they be shown in text, photo, or video clip form? What about activities, events, and initiatives like fundraisers that are going on? Think about how these activities can be shown in text, photo, or video formats. Most LED sign software packages allow you to work ahead and create graphics, animations, etc and schedule them out as far in the future as you’d like. Most LED sign manufacturers provide unlimited software training to assist you.

#2: Know your limitations.

LED sign definitions can vary widely. Know before you buy it. Definition, in LED signs, is measured in millimeters and is often referred to as “pixel pitch”. These measurements represent the distance between the pixels on your sign. So, the smaller the number, the better the definition and the larger the number, the lower the definition will be. In general terms, definitions of 6mm-16mm are capable of displaying full-color photos, animations, and text with clean lines. Definitions from 19mm-32mm+ are ideal for marketing that is focused on larger-scale text applications.

#3: Take advantage of your resources.

Most LED sign manufacturers are very interested in having great content on your sign. They will often provide training, demonstrations, and consultations. Some even offer content creation packages as well. Most LED signs will include standard graphics packages you can take advantage of as well. Remember, LED sign companies depend on their reputation in the field, so they want your sign to look amazing, just as much as you do.

#4: Stick to the basics of color.

Color combinations that look good on computer monitors or televisions do not always translate well to LED signs. This is due to the difference in definition and brightness between indoor ultra-high definition screens and outdoor high brightness displays. Contrast is of immense importance. Light tones on dark tones always create better contrast. Choose 2-3 colors your church feels comfortable with and return to these regularly in your content to provide a sense of the continuity of your brand.

#5: Think about the scale of your sign.

You will be previewing your sign’s content on a computer monitor most likely. Take that into consideration. Many people write full sentences over photos etc and neglect to recognize that with each word added, the text size must become smaller. Your goal should be to minimize the number of words used at any cost. Ask yourself, “can this be said with fewer words?” If the answer is yes, your content isn’t ready. If the answer is no, and your text size is too small, consider separating the message into two slides.

#6: View time.

The minimum time required for a passer-by to be able to capture your message is 5 seconds. Consider the speed of traffic as part of this equation. You can refer to a speed-view time-text size quick reference chart, can be found here:

#7: Slots and cycles.

Outdoor marketing professionals refer to a standard of eight (8) seven-second slots that rotate every 60 seconds as a rule to optimize repeat views. It often takes many views or “impressions” for the public to make a decision to act on your content. So establishing a 60-second loop with a max of 8 slots of content will allow you to standardize your consistent message while allowing you to change some slots depending on what events, initiatives, or seasons are currently important to the church.

Steps to take for your Church Sign messaging:

  • Take the time to create a strategy and vision
  • Know your limitations
  • Take advantage of your resources
  • Stick to the basics of color
  • Think about the scale of your church sign
  • View time
  • Slots and cycles

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