Why You Need an LED Sign for Your Church

Today, many churches are competing with local markets for visibility and relevance. As we all know, the landscape in modern marketing is more competitive than ever. So, the question becomes, “What can a church do to compete in this competitive landscape while not breaking the bank?” Traditionally, LED signs were extremely expensive marketing tools reserved for churches with huge marketing budgets. This is no longer the case. LED Signs are now much more cost-effective. At the same time, the technology in the LED sign industry has advanced to the point where dynamic high definition displays are more accessible than ever. The following points will help you understand if and why you may need an LED sign for your church’s marketing needs, but it is not intended to be an exhaustive list.

#1: Traditional Marketing is EXPENSIVE

Most churches today are engaging in some form of marketing. Whether it is radio, flyers, newspaper ads, or even TV ads, these are all much more expensive than an LED sign. When longevity is considered, the return on your church’s investment is exponentially higher with LED signs. This is primarily because it does not require continued investment, and some displays can last up to 12+ years depending on the manufacturer of the LED display.

Significant peer-reviewed studies have shown that this cost disparity between LED signage and traditional methods is growing. Ref:

#2: Your market is your neighborhood.

Churches often overreach when planning and implementing outreach strategies. Chances are, your local neighborhood has a considerable and sufficient body of believers that are currently not attending church. Reach out to them with effective marketing instead of spending the added expense involved to reach the outlying areas where fewer people are willing to come. As locals drive by your church with an effective LED sign, they will be reminded consistently and effectively about your church and that they are welcome. Remember, marketing with signage is permanent and consistent, so the effects compound when passersby are constantly reminded of your church brand, events, and invitations.

#3: Traditional Signs are Invisible

The next time you take a drive in your car, note all the signs on your daily commute. As you take a purposeful look at each sign, take note if you have ever noticed the sign before, or not. What types of signs stick out as signs that you never saw before? Almost always, these invisible signs are made with traditional forms and functions. The reason is that our brains are constantly looking for outlying information (information we don’t always receive). This is often called negativity bias in psychological arenas. As most people decide what to focus attention, we often search for these outliers or “negatives” in our experiences to focus on as our most important details. Of course, LED signs are not “negative”, per se, but they are outliers in our minds since the information is distributed in dynamic and unusual ways by nature.


#4: Your church members need to be reminded

We know this. We all need to be reminded by someone what is good and useful for our lives. Churches often assume they are getting this message across to the public within their church ministry. But are you focusing on those who are not already at church? Christians simply stay on the couch on Sundays, and churches know this too. Yet, how often are you reminding the public of the importance of attending church? Of course, LED signs are uniquely positioned to accomplish this due to the recurring ability to remind the local church members who do not attend, not to lay guilt or blame on them, but to remind them that your church is there for them.

#5: You need flexible marketing

Marketing with traditional media outlets like radio, TV, newspapers, flyers, etc. are all restrictive in essence. They all provide a limited platform with limited room for growth. LED signs can be changed every second of every day if one so desires. Our modern marketing landscape is constantly changing and competing for your community’s attention. You can compete on that same level of flexibility without breaking the bank with a programmable LED display. As problems or challenges arise in your community, your church can react with swift effective marketing to serve the needs of the community in ways that no other medium is capable for the low cost involved.


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